Migration to IP made Quick and Easy

Got Coax?

Coaxial cable has sufficient frequency range to support multiple channel, which allows for much greater throughput with lower error rate. Perfect cable for IP data and power transmission.

Got UTP(Cat5e)?

UTP cables are the most commonly used networking cables on the market, less expensive than STP cables. Ethernet data is limited up to 100m but Intercoax can extend data and power for very long distance

Untwisted Pair Cable?

Untwisted or Balanced pair cable is Weak in canceling out electromagnetic interference from external sources but inter coax can also transmit and extend data and power without any distortion or noise.

Mixed Cable?

Many CCTV and security system installers use mixed cable due to many reasons. Intercoax can also transmit IP data and power over mixed cable by special impendance matching technology

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